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We got off the train in Ayutthaya and bolted past the assembled tuk-tuk drivers determined to find a bus or a taxi to our hotel. The guidebooks seemed to suggest Ayutthaya was but a village, and Jim for one was clear that once we got out the station we'd probably be able to see the hotel, and if we had to walk then walk we could and would...

Fortunately, one tuk-tuk driver was sufficiently concerned for our welfare to run after us, as we headed of to god knows where on foot, in the heat, with all our luggage and without wheels.

We owe a lot to the perseverance of Mr Thawatchai Nacphrawith for welcoming us to his home town, and for being an excellent guide to its extraordinary heritage of ruined temples, as well as showing us where to procure a Thai electrical adapter from a specialist and most erudite market trader in Thanon Naresuan whom we'd never have found for ourselves.
There are 40 tok-tuk drivers in Ayutthaya licensed to do guided tours of the city's historic sites. Their photos are displayed on a board in the station. If Mr Thawatchai Nacphrawith is representative of their professionalism, we'd recommend their services to anyone else who's visiting Ayutthaya. (And by the way, the 1.5 days we spent there was not enough: this place is much bigger in scale and richer in heritage than the guidebooks suggest: if in Thailand, don't miss out on it)

Ayutthaya Town

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Ayutthaya Town

Ayutthaya Temples

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Ayutthaya Temples