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Created 27-Jul-12
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Welcome to witter-n-grunt 2012

This site is embryonic, under test and in all ways provisional. It may be gone next week, or next month. Or it may last for years...

Here's a few samples of our recent snaps.... enjoy, and come back soon!
Loch na Keal, MullThe Old Man of Hoy, OrkneyBasilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere, RomeL1000720River Clyde at Lancefield Quay, GlasgowLapwing, Loch of Stenness, OrkneyChristmas in GlasgowVicolo dei Cinque, Trastevere, RomeInside Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere,  RomeHamnavoe Gloaming, Stromness, OrkneyFrom the window, 55 Vicolo de Cinque, Trastevere, RomeMavisbank from Lancefield Quay, Glasgow

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